Fiction by Kiz

I figured I'd finally dump all of my finished stories in one spot. A few of these have been published on the internet in one form or fashion before, especially the SHEEBLA story.


A druggie in search of the ultimate high. This one was originally inspired by a dream very similar to the climax. I had it plotted out for months before I finally felt inspired to sit down and write it out. It took just a single night once I finally got going.

The Imp's Tale

This is actually a Sanctum Tale, as it's set in the same world as that online collectable card game. I was originally thinking about doing a Canterbury Tales homage, with one tale from each of the twelve races of Sanctum but this is the only one I've finished. Which, I suppose, makes it even more like Chaucer's original. It may mean more to you if you're familiar with Sanctum, but the story should make sense even if you aren't.


An early tale about one of my Amber characters, Trent of Marineth. It was originally intended to be the first chapter of a very long story, but I kind of ground out on it. The first chapter, "A Pretty Girl is Like a Malady," is pretty cute as a stand-alone tale, though, so I've included it here.


An attempt at more Amber fan-fiction. I still like the bad guys, but the main character was probably too competent to make a really entertaining protagonist. In case you don't know, Amberites (from Roger Zelazny's Amber books) are capable of travelling between worlds at will, and are stronger, tougher, and longer-lived than most people. They're from the 'original' reality, of which almost all other worlds are just Shadows.

The Soul-Token

Short story set in a fantasy realm.


Conspiracy short story.

S.H.E.E.B.L.A.: Cold Heart on an Electric Throne

A lengthy "Psiberpunk" tale set after the end of a Champions campaign. One of my favorites; finishing it was a real labor of love.

Try Not to Think About It

Fairly short, but I still like the concept. "Franklin", of course, is really just an idealized version of me. "Calvin" is a hideously exaggerated version of someone I shan't name; he might read this someday.

The End

Probably the shortest short story I've ever written. I scribbled this one down in an English class as part of an exercise; each sentence is a different type (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex, if I recall correctly).

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