Ironclaw Cartoons by Sean

Several of our players draw, but only Sean has really cranked out a number of Ironclaw pics. Most of these are in the form of humorous cartoons. Since he's done so many, I've decided to bump them to their own page. These are in reverse order, so the newest ones are at the top.

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Ever wondered exactly how big a three-quarters stone sword was? Full-stone swords are bigger than anything that humans ever used in the real world.

Factoid #19. Even Thaumaturges need candles sometimes.

Guess which PC is working up towards Legendary Animal Handling skill?


Okay, maybe we made Augury a little too useful in our campaign.

Those wacky naked Atavists.

Where's Godzilla when you need him?

Beware of foxes with the "Lecherous" flaw.

Eat my jetstream, buddy!

The drunken Elementalist.

The Morrigna.


Character sizes.

Oddly, Speed doesn't influence Jumping tests.


Where do all of the clothes in this setting come from, anyway? Wooly spiders?

Too much information.

Corrigan attempts to master the Scaling the Sheer Atavism...

Arts & Crafts.

The Camouflage skill. Okay, technically it's only for hiding big things.

Natural Aphrodesiac. The first color pic!

Foxman and Bobbin.


Protection from Weather.

Blessed Powers.

Rain of Blood causes a horrifying spray of blood and entrails to pour out of the sky.

Creative landscaping through Thaumaturgy.

More silliness.

The "Tearing" Atavism triples your claw damage on your next attack, but takes a full round to turn on.

Not all characters make effective adventurers.

Lockpicks cost 15 denar, and have negligible weight.

The rules for the "Dread" flaw probably shouldn't be taken too literally.

It's very hard to use a social skill successfully unless you've spent points on it.

Sean didn't like the optional "scatter" rules.

Many Atavists rarely wear more than a loincloth, because clothing interferes with their animalistic powers.

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