Gaming Artwork

Most of these pics were inspired by various roleplaying games. There are also a number of pics from our Ironclaw game, found here.


I did trump sketches for a couple of Amber games I was in.

Trent was a no-nonsense warrior type who learned that he was actually the crown prince of Amber... just in time to see his parents murdered and himself framed for the crime. One of my favorite characters of all time. This is an early pic, before all that nasty stuff happened.

Trent was raised by a family of were-foxes in the distant shadow of Merineth. Celeste (shown dancing here) was one of his only true friends there. This is one of my few colored pics; I wasn't terribly happy with the results.

This was years later... after he had carved a rune of vengeance into his own face to signify his quest for revenge. He tries to forget the things that he did in that quest, but still, his dreams are troubled by visions of the Jewel of Judgement...

One of his comrades was Dreamseer... a reclusive Trump artist.

Sindaria versus the Sea King. This is an illustration for a story I wrote.


Shelby was a Cybergeneration "Facer". A nano-tech mask let her change her features with her thoughts... but now the Carbon Plague is changing her.

A sketch of an Underground character I never actually got to play. 'Phidea, now a civilian, makes her living as a dancer... with the occasional burglary on the side.

A more recent sketch of 'Phidea, with a slightly different look.

In a Shadowrun universe, a corporate mage takes a shortcut while getting ready for work. Yeah, that's a power tie.

Fantasy Adventurers

Another Planescape critter: a female bariaur. They're sort of like goat-centaurs. She probably ought to have small horns, just because it's a common misconception that female goats (wild ones, that is, not domesticated) don't have horns... they just have smaller ones. But the book description says that the females don't have horns and I forgot to add them, anyway, so she's truer to the original description than I'd intended.

A half-demon girl summoning a spirit that embodies a happy memory. Inspired by playing Planescape: Torment. These mixed breeds are commonly refered to as "tieflings" in the setting.

Zaran Sera-Shubar, my one-eyed astrologer mage from a very non-standard Al-Qadim game. It took me ages (long after the campaign was over) to come up with a pic of him that I actually liked. The planets are even roughly accurate. That's supposed to be an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, but it didn't come out too well.

Ah, the fabulously dashing and dapper Kwah Kizark. I got to play this Dowhar merchant-mage-cleric-hero in a shortlived Spelljammer campaign. I even got bonus XP for selling snacks to the gaming group, once. Kwah was a hilariously silly character who didn't realize how absurd he was. That's his trusty flying steed "Fluffy" at his side. Hey, I didn't invent this race- they came straight out of Spelljammer.

Roger Davies was played by my friend Longshot. He went through a number of changes over the course of the Underdark campaign, and this pic was an attempt to show them. I never really finished it, but here it is anyway.

Vulvula the Vampire Queen. Inspired by a villainess from Robert Shea's Nifft the Lean, she was the immortal ruler of a hidden kingdom in the jungles of Parg in my Dreamlands Call of Cthulhu campaign.

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