Ranin & Elisaria

Back in College, I did a long series of sketches involving the interspecies romance between a Shesheldae and a Kirin, neither of whom really fit in amongst their own people. I actually considered trying to make a comic book or something out of it, but never really developed more than a vague plot. But there's enough sketches of the same pair that they deserve their own page, I think. These pics are roughly in the order in which the events occured, not the order in which I drew them.

The original inspiration was the short-lived furry comic Xanadu, but it quickly diverged. They live in a world with a dozen or so intelligent species... and none of the civilizations are advanced enough for them to figure out how unnatural that is. Only the draconian K'kree and A'kree have any clue as to why the world is the way it is, and they happen to be mistaken.

"The Ball." The pic that started it all. The odd angle is because it was originally a doodle and I filled in the background later. Ranin had been stranded at the Kirabe estate by a serious injury. Elisaria found a clever way to avoid revealing which of her suitors she liked best by inviting their houseguest to the dance instead. In point of fact, she didn't like any of them.

"Late night conversation." A budding romance. Shesheldae are much more open minded about this sort of thing than Kirin are.

"First flight." After they pretty much ran off together to the Shesheldae lands.

"Grooming." Not one of my favorites, but I do like Ranin's expression.

"Farewell." Tearful parting when it looked like Elisaria would be returning home alone. It was delayed by a rather unexpected pregnancy.

"Feeding time." To a species that doesn't nurse their young and who live in an area with no large mammals, breast-feeding is weird. These folks have never seen anything like this.

"Back home." An unpleasant surprise for the parents. Elisaria's bizarre rebellion starts a lot of intrigue and gossip in the Kirin courts. The armbands, incidentally, are the closest thing that the Shesheldae have to a wedding ring tradition, although they can be used to join any close friends together permanently, not just lovers.

"Sudden downpour." Wings are good for something even when you aren't flying.

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