Pin Ups

I've drawn a fair number of cheesecake pics over the years. I've put a few of the better ones here. Nothing particularly raunchy, but there is some mild nudity in several of these.

Just a girl in a grass skirt.

A seductive were-fox in her human form.

Another attempt at a were-fox. I didn't like this one as much. I think the pose was based on the cover of the old James Bond 007 RPG.

A Pleasant Dream
A sketch of a lady and a satyr. Their relationship is purely platonic, I assure you. [Some nudity]

I called this pic Ghost Story. [Some nudity]

I called this one Sprawl. I remember using some comic book or something as a reference for this pic, but I can't remember what the original was. [Some nudity]

Another pic of a lady and a satyr. Incidentally, the satyr doesn't really exist- her "lover" is actually the thing outside the window.

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