Our Tarantulas

Salmon Pink Birdeater

Lasiodora parahybana She's not as pretty as the rest, but she's going to be a big one!

Mexican Red Knee

Brachypelma smithi One of two Mexican Red Knees I picked up at a bargain. They really like to kick hairs!

Brachypelma smithi The second one. They're both very good eaters. They like to tackle crickets, and they'll stuff four or more in their mouths at once!

Indian Ornamental

Poecilotheria regalis This one is gorgeous, and lightning fast, too.

Greenbottle Blue

Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens This little one molted the first evening I had it! It seems to like living in the shoe.


Grammostola rosea Our female Chilean Rose-Hair tarantula. Named for the brand of beer carton that was her home with her original owner.

Icehouse's old boyfriend

Grammostola rosea An adult male Chilean Rose hair I bought on 1/29/01 to breed with Icehouse. She never produced an eggsac, so I don't think he was fertile. Hard to say. I've bought a second male, and will get a pic of him up at some point soon.
On 2/02/01 he made his sperm web. On 2/17/01 they mated.

Here they're about to mate for a third time on 3/4/01.

The male lifts her front legs up and holds her chelicerae while mating with her.

After he's done he carefully lets go then runs for his life.

Kilimanjaro Baboon

Not a primate, a Kilimanjaro Baboon Tarantula. This guy loves to bury himself and only comes out when you seriously bug him.

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