Cats of Friends and Family

Tiger 1987-2002

Tiger was a senior citizen kitty who belonged to Tommy's parents. He unfortunately passed away recently. We'll miss him.


Munchkin is a skittish little kitty belonging to Tommy's sister, Donna. She and the next cat have invaded Tiger's home in Fort Worth.


Bozo also belongs to Donna. She's skittish, too, but a plate of wet cat food will bring her out to say hi. Donna describes her as "the fat, squeaky sounding one."

Here are both of Donna's cats. Apparently the moths that come to the lights (and the papers on the desk) are great entertainment.


Yamato owns our friend Ryan in College Station. She used to own his roommate, but he escaped back to Japan. Now she spends her days staring at Ryan's new roommate's dog, and teaching Ryan to throw paper balls for her to fetch.


Spot is one of Grok's four cats. (see, I told you it was catching - he only had three before he met us!) "Cute? Maybe.. tubby and harmless to be sure :)"

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