Halfway House Animals
Calotes sp.Cute little lizards somebody smuggled into the US and dumped in the trash.

Leopard Geckos

This handsome boy was a halfway-house animal for PNHS. He's so big! I adopted him in September 2002. We've decided to call him "Sluggy".

He's nicely fat, and appears in perfect health. He's a good eater, and had perfect behaviour at the PNHS show at the PSC, even when held by a child or poked in the eye by a toddler.

We adopted this girl in June from PNHS. She's gotten very plump as she'll eat anything you put in front of her and beg for more. I'd say she subscribes to Sherman's philosophy (of Sherman's Lagoon, the comic strip) of only needing to ask two questions of everything of life, "Can I eat it?" and "Can it eat me?", except that she obviously doesn't ask the latter one. :-) Besides food, she enjoys being held and will happily sit on a shoulder for an hour just looking around. I've named her "Pudge".

We adopted Gumby in June or July 2002. We got her from the Bird and Exotic Clinic in Ballard. The crew at B&E were generous enough to take her in after her former owner dropped her, breaking all four of her legs. They patched her up, and she has amazing mobility, considering her past. She's such an active girl!

Her head is still long and lean and she's slowly losing her juvenile coloration.

This male leopard gecko was a halfway-house animal. He's been picked on a bit, and is missing the tip of his tail. He's got a very sweet disposition, and I've trained him to eat mealworms.

He's got a nifty pattern on his head.

The Tegus

Huff and Puff are Columbian black and white tegus. Not very tame, but pretty. Huff is considerably bigger than Puff. This picture was taken in the fall of 2000, and they have more than doubled in weight since then.

Huff has turned out to be a girl. She is still bigger, and has become much more tame. I still use gloves just in case.

Huff's new cage!

Puff is still very excitable, and half the time tries to eat my hand when I reach in his cage. If I don't reach in, he charges me, then tries to eat my hand.

Curly Tail Lizards

These were Jen's 2001 Valentine's Day present. In fall of 2003, the current count is 3.

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