Left to right: Ryan, Sunil, Josh, Eric, and Steve. Our gaming group in College Station after we graduated.

This is Paul. He lives in Hempstead with his wife and kid.

Sil is Paul's wife.

And this is their demon spawn, Taylor. (See Sil, I remembered!)

Our gaming group in Enumclaw, WA

Left to right: Jenn, Jacob, Kiz, Tauvix, and Grok.

Grok just came back from Origins 2001 where he represented NIOGA, the non-profit organization that runs Sanctum (check our links for more info). Here he is in the white shirt in the middle. The guy on the far left is Commisar, a Sanctum player, and the one on the far right is Howard from Digital Addiction, the company that designed and launched Sanctum.

Our gaming group in Lynnwood, WA

Left to right: Jenn, Kiz, Alice, Ryan, Sarah, and Sean. (Sorry for the grainy pic, it's difficult to get these people to sit still for a good one.)

This is Iwali, Sarah's character in our Ironclaw game. More of the characters will be added as the pics are taken.


This is Jenn's brother, Rich.

This is Rich's wife, Anna.

Here's their new baby! Daniel Robert, born in May 2002.

This is Jenn's grandpa on her Dad's side.

Her grandma on her Dad's side.

Her sister Kathy and her new husband, Scott.

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