Our Freshwater Aquariums

55 Gallon Freshwater

Okay, I started out in winter 2000 to set this up as a somewhat planted tank with dwarf cichlids. It has now really changed. In April 2001 I added 6 discus and had to change a lot of things to accomodate them. I changed the undergravel to have airstones rather than powerheads. I added peat to the Penguin 160 and Whisper 20-40. The light is still a Power Glo. It is still decorated with broken clay pots and "holey rock." I am now using two 200 watt Tronic submersible heaters to keep the temp at 85-86 degrees. I haven't had any trouble mixing the remaining fish from before with the discus. I did try to add neon tetras since I read that they made ideal tankmates for discus, but I find that they just make ideal discus food. When the discus began spawning, I added a partition dividing 1/3 of the tank off for the breeding pair. However, they never successfully spawned, so I pulled it out. It's now October 2002, and I'm down to the biggest discus, the big orange male.
Current fish: 4 serpae tetras, 3 red-eye tetras, 1 discus, and 1 6" tire track eel.

90 Gallon Freshwater

Okay, scratch the old tank. The one shown before popped out its homemade brace and started bowing, so it's become a 90 gallon turtle tank. I have since bought a brand-new All-Glass 90 with a dual light hood. It has an Emperor 280 and a Whisper 3. Heating is with two 300 watt Marineland submersible heaters. I used more holey rock and broken pots to decorate. It has no undergravel, and I have planted it a bit and am adding a little more here and there.
Current Fish: 2 Bosemani rainbows, 2 New Guinea rainbows, 2 dwarf neon rainbows, 2 yellow rainbows, 1 pleco, 9 harlequin tetras, 4 silvertip tetras, 1 cardinal tetra, 1 Synodontis cat, 4 neon tetras, 3 albino corydoras, 2 small redtail sharks, 6 Otocinclus, 1 pearl gouramie, 1 Bolivian ram, and 1 pair of kribensis. I used to have more cardinals, neons, corydoras, angelfish, otocinclus and khulie loaches, but something weird wiped them all out. I did some large water changes and waited a while before adding more, and the new fish are doing fine. The tank bottom isn't as easy to see now, as we had to raise the futon up several inches to make storage space underneath.

Here are some of the fish in the tank. Mostly it has fast swimmers, with a little color and some bottom feeders. (Actually the giant danios pictured are gone. I need to take some new pics!)

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