Assorted Pictures

Recent PhotosWe're getting too busy to make regular updates to our photo collection, so we're throwing the latest ones we've taken into a big grab-bag. We'll try to update it when we can!

Reptile Pets

Miss Lizzie Our first savannah monitor.
Lizards There's more of them every day - or maybe it just seems that way!
Snapping Turtles Bottomless pits on legs.
Snakes So far just halfway-house animals.

Feline Pets

Fluffy She's not, really.
Loki A Maine Coon with a dignified attitude - he hates being seen playing.
Butterball Take a good look, 'cause you won't see her if you visit.
Percy Fifteen pounds of good-natured annoyance.
Cats of Friends and Family We know lots of cat owners. It seems to be contagious, so watch out if you visit us!

Other Pets

Our Tarantulas We have a bunch.
Our Insects Walking sticks.
Freshwater Aquaria Jenn's nearly-20-year addiction.
Saltwater Aquaria Mantis shrimps rule!

Places and Events

Local photos This page is where we put recent photos we'd like to share.
2002 PNHS Show At The Seattle Aquarium Lots of herps!
2002 PNHS Show At The Pacific Science Center Tons of herps!
Kathy & Scott's Wedding Family photos.
Christmas pics! Pics from Xmas 2000.
2003 PNHS Show At The Pacific Science Center Taken with our new digital camera!


Us Yeah, it's us.
Some Friends & Family Friends and family we happen to have pics of.

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