Other Miscellaneous Artwork

A half-demon girl summoning a spirit. Inspired by playing Planescape: Torment.

An O.G.R.E. Mark V rumbling over a battlefield. That yellow is on the original, too, I'm afraid. This was drawn on crappy paper, and it's really showing its age.

"The Gift." This pic was set in an odd fantasy world where goblins are a powerful and very civilized race, while ordinary humans are considered comparatively barbaric. The girl in the center isn't used to wearing this sort of clothing, nor getting surprise gifts.

Incidentally, I'll never draw a rug like that again. It was way too much work.

An unnamed sorceress searches through the sewers for something important. I drew this one for a birthday card.

An unnamed elven warrior from the city of Vanguard patrols the wastes around Hellsgate.

"The Summoning Goes Awry." These wizards were trying to summon a powerful demon, but accidentally got a young girl from a nearby village instead. At least, that's what they thought at first...

Just a girl dancing. I wanted to work on clothing folds.

Someone meeting a Promethean giantess. That's a regular-sized human in front of her. A minor point: her race has no body hair whatsoever, not even eyebrows. I invented them for Wyvern, but they haven't gone into the game yet.

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