Ironclaw Art and other Anthropomorphics

Lately our main RPG gaming has been a couple of Ironclaw campaigns. Ironclaw is a fantasy RPG set in Calabria, an island nation inhabited by intelligent anthropomorphic animals. Despite the "furry" content, it's a pretty serious game, with one of the more historically detailed settings out there. You can find the game at

One of the cute bits about the system is the presence of Atavists, locals who can greatly enhance their physical abilities by calling upon their animal ancestors. They tend to be more animalistic (and more lightly clothed) than normal folks.

We've drawn a fair number of pics based on the setting, enough to merit their own section. I'll throw in some older furry art, too.

I've also written some gaming info for the setting on my Ironclaw RPG page.

Sean's cartoons have moved!

Sean has also done a bunch of Ironclaw Cartoons. So many, in fact, that I've moved them all to their own page!

Ironclaw Pics by Kiz

Cullen is a skunk Atavist. An orphaned Feocullan, Cullen was raised by a family of wolves in northern Phelan, but eventually travelled south, looking for skunks who weren't violently xenophobic.

This is a pic of a Chevernaise Spirit Dancer attempting to appease the anger of a malign spirit. I drew it after writing up the rules for the Darkened Paths. I tried a few colored versions, but never came up with one I liked. I think I need more shades of gray.

A pic I called "The Lustful Atavist." Or, occasionally, "No, It's Not Corrigan," since people kept asking if the wolf Atavist depicted was supposed to be my wife's Atavist character.

A street outside a bar in the wolf-dominated city of Harrowgate.

Chloe Javert uses a compelling argument to convince Judor Strangeways to do something stupid.

Other Assorted Anthropomorphics by Kiz

A dancing werefox. This is one of my few colored pics; I wasn't terribly happy with the results. There are a few other pics of her in the Amber section.

A really old pic involving two Fehl lovers. They'd probably be considered "weasel people," I suppose.

A rare ink sketch. This lady skunk is named Llassandra. Skunks are a pain to draw, because you really have to use ink to get the fur dark enough.

"Sounds of Rescue." Incidentally, her fingers really are supposed to be little nubs. Her captors have cast a spell to remove them so that she can't escape or fight back. The colors scanned pretty badly, I'm afraid.

Jenn's Pics

A satyr-like critter Jenn drew. One of the few pictures of hers I have scanned so far.

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