I've been running and playing in Ironclaw games for about a year now. The characters in my campaign have been all over Calabria, unfortunately including the places that haven't been officially described by Sanguine Productions yet. One such spot is the mountain range known as the Rothos, in the northeastern section of Calabria. Inhabited by the mysterious mountain goats known as the Chevernaise, it's a dangerous region to travel in.

To support our game, I had to write up a lot of information about the Chevernaise and their society. Since Sanguine wasn't interested in using it for a supplement, I've decided to put all of the material online so that other Ironclaw players can get some use out of it. I'll be slowly converting various parts for the web and putting them up online.

Materials Available Online

The Darkened Paths: the Chevernaise magic system is similar to the Blessed Magic of the Doloreaux, but deals with the dark and unpleasant spirits of the Rothos.

Character Creation: information for creating Chevernaise characters and NPCs, particularly those who use the Darkened Paths.

Spirits of the Rothos: example spirits of various types

Ironclaw Artwork: the game has inspired a lot of artwork in our group

New Atavisms: a bunch of new Atavisms from my Ironclaw game!

Mulachi's Tower: a Phelan mini-adventure!

If you're looking for more Ironclaw material, check out the other sites at

ExpressCoach - Calabria-wide service for all races

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