RPGs and Other Games

Yeah, I like table-top RPGs, and some computer games too. I've run a lot of games over the years, including lengthy campaigns in AD&D, Amber, and Call of Cthulhu. In particular, I'm putting the various home-brew games I've written up on the web, some of them for the first time anywhere.

Nuclear Beasts

My current RPG writing project. Still a work in progress, but I'm getting there!

My Ironclaw RPG section

I've just added a big section of Ironclaw stuff to the site. Check it out!

Attack of the Mutant Rules System!

Shortly after I got into Amber, I wrote up these rules for a diceless superhero game. The influence of Amber is pretty obvious, but I still like it. It was actually play-tested fairly extensively back in college, with a couple of other GMs running AMRS games, too. The "sorcery" system still sucks, though.

Randomized Attack of the Mutant Rules System!

Rules for adding a simple dice system to AMRS. Mostly just an essay on using randomizers.

The I.D.K. roleplaying system

A useful system for one-shots; character stats are defined by 12 skills and some specialties, and that's about it. Originally designed as an experiment to see if I could come up with a small set of skills that would cover just about every important task in an RPG. Character creation can be really quick, while still pretty satisfying.
Interestingly, the only time I've really used it, I substituted a simpler hit-point based damage system; I had it written up, but a hard-drive crash cost me the changes. I hope to write it up again sometime.

The Damp Man

An adventure I wrote for Call of Cthulhu. Originally published in the Chaosium Digest.

The Deeper Dream

This was an old one. An early attempt at writing a homebrew RPG, this one is set in the dreamworld, and characters can be mortal dreamers, dreams, or dreamlords (a sort of dream that controls other dreams). Never finished, but it did have some elements I liked. I'm putting it here in its entirety; I haven't worked on it in years.

Emperor Merlin

I posted a writeup to an Amber campaign that I prepared but never got to run. It's set just after the end of the Merlin series.

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