Artwork by Kiz & Jenn
(and occasionally friends)

I've scanned so much artwork recently that I decided to split it all up into multiple sections.

These days most of my new stuff ends up in my Deviant Art gallery instead of here.

I've set up a nicer looking art gallery to showcase my more recent works. Since I've gone to working in ink and using Paint Shop Pro to edit/color them, I think it's worth separating them from the older pencil sketches.

Assorted pics of RPG characters and such.

Anthropomorphic art, mostly inspired by our Ironclaw campaigns.

I've moved all of Sean's Ironclaw Cartoons into their own section!

Ranin & Elisaria. I did a number of sketches about this unlikely romance. I've put some of the better ones online.

Miscellaneous other pics.

Pin Ups.

Computer Art for Wyvern

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