Welcome to Kiz & Jenn's Homepage of Infinite Delight!

This is our newly redesigned home page. A whole new color scheme and layout, and we'll be getting rid of the frames. There should also be a fair bit of new content.

If you have any problems with the site, or need to contact us, just e-mail us!

Recent Updates
02-09-10: I have plans to update this website soon, but for right now, here's the Hyperborean Mice RPG I wrote!
11-30-08: Man, this site is ancient. Haven't done anything with it for years, really. Still, I'm adding a link to my Deviant Art site, since that's where all of my new artwork is going these days.
5-7-06: Added another Art pic. I really ought to write some sort of script that keeps track of new additions and modifies this list... I keep forgetting to change it!
11-16-05: Actually, a few new Art pics and some more cartoons have gone up, but I'd forgotten to change the front page.
04-11-05: Added another pic to the Art Gallery.
08-29-04: Lots of new content. I've added a more professional Art Gallery to display my more recent works and I've added about a dozen cartoons to Sean's webcomic since I last updated this.
07-05-04: There have been a few additions lately. Several comics have been added to Sean's webcomic, I've put up a new piece of artwork in the miscellaneous category, inspired by Planescape. And there's even one more short story in the fiction page!
05-10-04: Ooo, long gap! Well, actually, I've mostly done blog stuff lately. But I did just add 8 new Ironclaw Cartoons in a brand new format!
10-18-03: Added a bunch of new Ironclaw Cartoons and a new pic in my VCL gallery for my Nuclear Beasts game.
10-5-03: Added pictures taken at the 2003 PSC reptile show (link is under "Photos") and updated some pet photos.
8-23-03: Transfered my Nuclear Beasts Design Blog to our website and set it up to accept comments.
6-21-03: Added 5 more cartoons to Sean's gallery and 2 new pics for my VCL gallery, all in the artwork section!
6-1-03: Added another cartoon.
5-26-03: Moved Sean's Ironclaw Cartoons to their own page and added several new ones!
5-22-03: Added an area writeup and some commentary to the Nuclear Beasts page! Also tweaked some stuff and added a link to my VCL gallery in the art section.
3-19-03: Put up my old Emperor Merlin notes for an Amber campaign I never got a chance to run.
3-10-03: Added a preview section for Nuclear Beasts under the Gaming link!
2-27-03: I've added a new story and there's an adventure and some new Atavisms on the Ironclaw page under Gaming!